My name is Veronica Luna, I like being barefoot and doing yoga , hugging tree’s in random places, working out from home and eat plants. Also drink tequila & pineapple juice, occasionaly.

Barefoot Veronica luna is a place to connect with inspiring like minded women, get tips and tricks on ways to stay motivated, on workout advices and vegan lifestyle. Its a place to come to find new ways to challenge yourself ,  learn new things and get a good laugh!

Happy you’re here!


4 ways yoga at home enhances your practice | barefootveronicaluna
As much as I love practicing at the studio.Practicing on my own makes me feel like a big girl who’s
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It took me 2 months to finally try this recipe and post it on the blog. I really am not
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Just about a year ago, around this time.  I was looking into teacher training programs to become a certified yoga
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I’ve been vegan for a little bit more than 5 years. My biggest fear when I was still a new
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5 yoga poses to have more energy in the morning | barefootveronicaluna
The other day I had to wake up around 5am to teach a class at 6:15am. No matter how much
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Hello dudes and dudettes of the internet Today I woke up and as I sat in front of my computer,
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