once you go yoga , you never come back.

I took my first yoga class  a few years back with my sister when they first moved downtown. Near their apartment there was a hot yoga studio and my sister had taken the habit of trying every new things possible and ask me to go with her, ( I’m just thankful she didn’t want to try golfing, I freacking hate golf!) The good sister that I am , I said ”why not, let’s do this”.  Even though I had never practice yoga before, and firmly thought it was only for  hippies who didn’t know what a real workout was – oupsie I decided to let go of what I thought it was and just try it. I’m not going to lie , my first practice was hard as f*&ck. Anyone has seen that 50 cent’s video trying to explain how he felt on his first yoga class? Yea well I felt the exact same way,  slipping all over my mat ( apparently wasn’t aware that I needed a towel!)  looking around with confusion in my eyes, doing my best to manage the  sweating my life situation, since the first downward facing down.I’m not going to lie, I felt pruuutty good afterwards,but I didn’t think anything out of it immediately.

What really changed everything was coming back from a 3months trip to Asia, with a good friend of mine,  I love traveling don’t get me wrong, but lets just say that after a few weeks, everytime I started to feel sick I ended up googling my symptoms and believing everything I read. Hypochondriac you may say? Thats also what google suggested to me, maybe it was being away from home , a few creepy 28hours bus rides in the mountains of Vietnam or the motorbike accident we had, that made me feel , lets just say, vulnerable. Being in stressful situations made me realize a couple things ; my chill level is not very high , I am not peter pan & I can actually experience chest pains due to anxiety, le sight, once again.

My second encounter with yoga was soon after I came back from my eye opening trip, this time it was with a more clearer purpose and it felt like the obvious thing to do to help me with my hypocondriac case.Ironically it was around the same time as new years and it felt like I was committing to a new years resolution that I didn’t even plan on doing. I guess thats why they say ” The Good things come unexpectedly”.

Soon enough,It became my second home. I was there all.of.the.time. The teachers are so used to see me that they check me in classes before I arrive.  Surprise surprise, my chest pains went away, and I started to feel very excited everytime I’d take a class, like unwrapping christmas gifts in the morning. One year later ,  I’m a yoga teacher and I have a blog talking about yoga- you know the thing I thought was only for hippies –Look at me now!

For all you new bee’s out there not sure if you should practice yoga or not because you’re afraid you don’t have a good reason for it, know that whatever reason that  brings you to yoga, is always good enough. You never know how yoga will find it’s way into your life, but one thing is for sure ; once you go yoga, you don’t come back!

There is something infinitely intelligent about the yoga practice that is bigger than just the body. So go ahead little buddy , try it out and see where it leads you, isn’t that what life is about anyways?

lOVE & lIGHT always,

Your gal,

Veronica Luna


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