top 5 inspirational youtubers/channels

If you’re like me, you watch videos on youtube like its your job or maybe you’re not a youtube addict (yet ) and are simply looking for some interesting content in the internet world to cut your teeth on (other than cute goat videos) , here are my top 5 youtubers / channels that you tots need in your life, you’re welcome! 


I remember the first time I stumbled on one of his videos, I was just hooked by the quality,  like the lens could  capture his soul in his eyes. I felt an instant connection with the way he talks and the message he shares.He’s a vegan, psychologist , genuine, inspiring being that makes videos about everything you need to know to live your best life, I literally mean everything you need to know ,from ” how to open your third eye chakra” to vegan challenges ,  the guy makes 3 videos a day, so you don’t have to wait a month before getting fresh content + you can ask him any question on  instagram, and he might just end up making a video answer it! I just love him, you go Ralph! 


Ona is my home girl, okay she is also my sister BUT , before you start saying that I love her because she is my sister (which is not completely false, I mean I am kind of stuck with her forever, just kidding!) She is doing something pretty cool with her youtube channel, I love that its super versatile , she doesn’t take herself too seriously and likes to have fun! (it runs in the fam) From her ‘paranormal” stories to dealing and recovering from eating disorders and also can show you how to twerk and apply makeup like a pro, she always knows how to give amazing tips on how to be confident and love yourself no matter what. Say’no more, you need her in your life!


Koi’s corner is one of my favourites because he is super smart but very down to earth. All his videos are always eye opening for me , and he is not afraid of going deep and talking about ” taboo” subjects. He also has longer videos where he gives lectures about a certain subject, all his videos are very spirituality related but keeps it open minded. He’s the kind of guy that walks the talk, you know he’s authentic, he’s in the process of living in a van and traveling around meeting people for his book that just came out ; A (not so) Enlightnened Youth. Plus , look at him! He’s super cayuuuuute , I want to know he’s tattoo artist, because boy those tats be looking good,(and so is your face.)


I feel like he is the ultimate life coach out there. I watch his videos whenever I need to  get my shit together and get things done ( I am the queen of procrastination). The way he talks is so fascinating, even if its just him  in front of a camera he makes it super fun,gets to the point and all his videos are basically an ”aha” moment. He gives out doable tips that you can apply right away in your life to help you improve ; managing your time, how to start your business, or ways to feel more energized, he’s yo man. He’s also an author and have many published book , one of them you can get for free on his website. Its called ” The motivation manifesto

                                                                                 PRINCE EA

You probably know him from those inspirational , smack in the face,  videos that float around on Facebook. Every time I watch one of his videos I want to book a one way destination ticket and never look back. Its the exact wake up call you need if you’ve been wanting to do something but you’re too scared to go for it. WE ONLY GOT ONE LIFE BABY, LIVE IT!



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