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As I am typing the title of this blog post I am thinking to myself ” Woa , that is ALOT of things to talk about myself” is it just me or it feels pretty awkward to just talk about yourself ? But I get it,  you are probably wondering who the f is this chick really ( or maybe your aren’t ha!) I know I  mostly connect with bloggers & youtubers that make me feel like I’m their friends (hola amigas!) Even tho, I take this blog seriously and it is a  professional platform because I am adult. I want to open up a little to you because I feel the best way to make friends is to introduce yourself and share food ( but I don’t like sharing food.) So here it goes , let me at least do one of the two things. Leggo.

1. I eat a LOT of bananas,  which for me is completely normal. But after having pretty much all of my friends and coworkers coming to me saying ” Hey! I ate a banana today and thought of you” and sending me pictures of bikinis and banana shirts , I feel like it is part of who I am. Now you know, I’m the banana girl #veganproblems

2. I talk fast and use a lot of facial expression. Everyone I meet at first is a little startled by how fast I talk, at some point in a conversation I have to stop and slow down because I  see the interrogation face on the other person’s eyes. I also realize I make a lot of facial expressions when I talk, like I cant control myself , my face has a life of its own and it likes to show other people my emotions.

3. My hair is dirty 6out of 7 days,  there is no point in cleaning my hair everyday since I basically eat, sleep, do yoga & workout. I am sweaty almost all the time between teaching and taking classes and working out.Dry shampoo is my adopted child.

4. Working out makes me happy, yes I am that kind of girl , funny cause 3 years ago I would’ve laughed at you if you asked me to workout. It really happened one morning to the next I was just tired of being a potato and feeling like a potato (don’t get me wrong I love potatoes!) but for my mental wellbeing, and  if I want to go through my day without wanting to punch someone in the face I need my workout, coffee & yoga. But I’m a nice person I swear.

5. I drink water all the time, at this point you’re probably like ” okay we get it, you’re healthy!” but its not just that, if you do hot yoga you know what I am talking about. After a class, there is not one ounce of water left in my system. So of course I need to refuel, but I also have a weird obsession with water bottles, I always need a new one. I just like having my water bottle with all times. Pretty much my second adopted child.

6. I’ve been vegan for four years, once my sister came running from the basement and showed us a video footage of animals getting slaughtered. From that point I went on and did some research and cut all of the meat , except fish for a year, and then it was the eggs, and then I saw an awesome video on youtube from Gary Yourofski  , from that point on , I stopped everything and never looked back. Now I only eat Kale & tofu. Just kidding! 😉

7. I am half Colombian  , half Argentinian, I was born in Cartagena, Colombia and my dad is from Argentina. Like any Argentinian with dignity , my dad thought me to love soccer, specifically the Argentinian team and Boca Juniors. I get very nervous during the world cup its ridiculous. When Argentina won against the netherlands in the semi finals , I ran down the street screaming like a maniac. Thats how bad it is.

8, I love yoga, a lot. I bet you had a feeling on this one, I love yoga , if you read my little story  here , you know how it all happened.  

9. I read all the books from Virginia C Andrews, she is the queen of authors, she is the first one I’ve ever read in high school and since then I’ve made it a life mission to find every book she’s written and read it. I absolutely LOVE her. Unfortunately she died but I will forever cherish her work. Checkout THE HUDSON SERIES.

10. I play violin and sing 

11. I tend to obsess over things, especially music , if I love a song or an album, I am going to listen to it until my ears bleed. I cant help it! Current obsession ; Lorde’s new album, Melodrama. Its giving me life.

12. Hummus is my religion. Don’t mess with my hummus.

13. I’m a little hypochondriac, I’ve been working on this and I have to say that yoga has helped me A LOT , but sometimes it is stronger than me and I have to google my every symptom. Once I even gave myself chest pains from overthinking and stressing myself and I knew I was doing it to myself but I couldn’t stop thinking that I might be having a heart attack, le sight. Luckily, in Costa Rica during my teacher training, one of our teachers is a psychologist so she told me to see my anxiety as a zebra, you don’t see them that often. So instead of automatically chilling with the zebra, I can choose to stay with the horses.

14. I LOVE to travel. I traveled to Asia , Italy, Greece and Costa Rica, and I just think it is the best thing ever. I’m the only one in my family that thinks like that, my sister’s and parents don’t really like it when I travel. But I do, I’ve met the most incredible people and lived the most exciting experiences while traveling. Even if its not always butterflies and rainbows, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

15. My dream is to live by the sea. I cant help it ,  I’m a carribean gal who loves to be barefoot.

16. I grew up in Montreal.  No I don’t ski or skate during winter, I pretty much hibernate and wish for it to be summer. Oups. I love Montreal , it’s  a great city with many things to do but its not the best place  to work on your tan. I thought I would get used to the long cold winters,but I’ve given up on that theory within the years.

17. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I was 13 when I asked my parent to buy me a laptop  because I wanted to write my first novel. I traumatized my high school french class teacher with some detailed horror stories I would write about a girl being beaten by her mother. Even tho I wasnt an abused child I would always write about that kind of stuff……creepy right?! I blame it on Virginia C Andrews.

18. I want to travel the world and teach yoga. One of the reasons I became a yoga teacher is because I LOVE to travel, and being a yoga teacher allows me to travel and still give my practice all my attention. I want to be able to make a positive impact and be aware of the energy I take from the places I visit so I’m able to give back as much as possible.

19. I love getting tattoos from different countries.  I’ve had all my tattoos inked in different places. It all started in thailand, Kho tao. Something about being in a tiny island with a tattoo shop at every corner that made me just go for it. It depends where I am and the inspiration I get from each place, I am very careful and choose wisely (most of the time...just kidding!)

20.  I love tequila. This probably makes me sound like the devil , but I really enjoy drinking tequila mixed with pineapple juice , its the best! I once took 8 shots of tequila and was still ”the sober” one who had to look out for her sister. Just to say, I handle it surprisingly well.

Thanks for reading y’all, I appreciate every single one of you readers that come here at Barefoot Veronica Luna, hope you learned a little bit more about me and I would love to hear more about you, feel free to shoot me a message or take a tequila shot in my honour, HA!


Love & light always,

Veronica Luna.

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