top 10 movies of all time.

I usually black out as soon as someone asks me about what is my favourite anything. Except for movies, I know from the back of my hand what my favourite movies are. The hardest part is to actually FIND a good movie to watch without having to scroll for 3 hours and end up not watching anything ( and by anything I mean countless of goat videos on youtube.) So let me help you skip the whole existential crisis when it comes to choosing a movie. Here is a list the  top 10 movies for you all internet frands.


Xavier Dolan is one of my favourite movie directors ever. In fact if it would be for me, this entire list would be filled with his movies.



I’ve watch this movie maybe a couple times, and by a couple times I mean 100 times. The first time netflix recommended it to me (thanks homie!) I didn’t pay attention to it. Then I got a call from my sister telling me I absolutely had to watch this movie called ” I origins” , of course. I coudnt stop crying, the whole movie’s soundtrack is now on my phone & I now strongly believe we live multiple lives. Writing about how good it is makes me want to watch it again + its on netflix.


I saw this movie back when I was in Cegep( pre-university school in Quebec) in a cinematography class  and it completely changed my life. Not a single  eye was dry in class ,after this movie ended and it made me re-evaluate my whole life, because DAMN. This movie hits you, and it hits you hard. I usually hate musicals but dancer in the dark is like nothing I’ve ever seen. BJÖRK is the QUEEN. Her voice is outstanding, the melodies are on point, her acting is raw and moves you to the core. Get yourself some tissues, you will need them.


Virgin suicides meets girl interrupted kind of vibe. This movie is unbelievably well done. The cast is incredible, the story is impacting and is based on true events. Unfortunately so many women are still not heard and, in many countries, their rights are completely shut. This is the story of 5 sisters living in Turkey and how their lives changed in a blink of an eye. If you want to know more, you’ll just have to watch it.


I’m not going to lie, this is a hard one to watch. If you’re sensible when it comes to animals ( like I am) then you will have to cover your eyes for some scenes, but other than that, the story is worth the watch. One of my favourites for sure.


Evan Rachel Wood and Nikki Reed are two little teen rebels. I watched this movie in the beginning of high school, the further I’ve gone in my rebelism was to skip classes, which is nothing compared to these two. This one is a classic , perfect example to show your kids if they ever think on going ” Thirteen” on your ass, they will end up with no friends and bald (okay maybe not bald,but you can just throw it in there.)


 I absolutely adore this movie. Even if you think you know whats going on, you probably have no idea of what is really going on. Wait t’ill you get to the end. MY MIND IS BLOWN.


” It wasn’t me I swear” is one of the most adorable, funny and pretty disturbing movies I’ve seen. I stumbled on this one years ago, and its been on my favourites list ever since. Someone give this little kid an oscar, I’m serious.


This movie is the reason I will never do drugs, I feel like we all need to watch this once to see the importance of not taking drugs so lightly. Unforgettable movie,some scenes you will probably wish you could un-see.

I’m sorry not sorry.


I feel like the more the list goes on, the more I’m getting dramatic with these movies but I can’t help it, I like movies that make me think about life and what is actually going on in the world. I blame it on my cinematography teacher that would make us analyze creepy movies, but turned out to be the best class ever. PS: this scene is ICONIC.

Thats it, I will need to make another list in the future because narrowing it down to 10 is harder than I thought. I’m sure you also have favourite ones and I’m curious to know which one they are?!  Leave a comment below, lovelies!

Now go get yourself some popcorn and indulge on this awesome movies.

Light & love always,

Your gal,

Veronica luna

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