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The past 3 years of my life have been very eye opening for me when it comes to taking positive actions on my own behalf. Just a couple years ago I was pretty much the president of the no self love club. So how did I get here? How can you reconnect with yourself and start doing more things that make you feel good?

Knock knock 

Of course it’s hard to practice self-care when you don’t know what is going on in your body. To find a solution you first have to know what the problem is. We spend so much time in our heads and our monkey minds that it is very rare we actually take the time to acknowledge how we feel in the moment. For many years, I was the queen of shutting down any communication with my body and completely lost connection with myself. How did I regain the ability to listen to my body? By stepping on my mat everyday. After just a few weeks of practicing yoga, I felt like I was coming back home.

Who’s there? 

Showing up for myself was the first step to regain the missing link. After comes the ” sticking with it part”. A lot of people think they hate yoga at first ( ps: I was one of those people! Yikes!) but if you hold on long enough, the layers start to come off and the magic happens. Soon enough I could catch myself taking deep breaths while in line at the grocery store, or in stressful situations.You start to feel things you might have been avoiding for a long time, remembering things you might have hoped to forget. All of it is stored in your body on a deeper level, and yoga simply moves it around until you have no choice but to face it.


Yoga taught me that it’s best to feel it all – the good and the not so good- rather than shutting it all out. Yoga is just the tool to help you open up a little bit more each day. Moving your body in a way that feels good for you, and slowly you start to open up from the inside. Linking breath and movement connects you with your body and the space around you, and making the choice to do so is what empowers you.

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside awakens.” —Carl Gustav Jung. 
Love & light always,

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  1. Wow I want the magic happens!!!! Definitely motivated me to look into it more as I’ve only tried it once years ago!! I want to do Yoga again and need that relaxation especially when overthinks take over at times. Lovely post! Can’t wait to read more of what you have here. Keep up the amazing work. ♥️♥️♥️

    1. Thank you! <3 def give it a try again you never know it might be the perfect timing! 🙂

  2. I never thought I’d be the yoga type but I’d love to get the relaxation and mind/body connection that it’s supposed to bring. Great article. Maybe I should give it a shot. 🙂

    1. I feel you,it took me a couple years not practicing yoga before I really felt a connection with it and truly fell in love with yoga.You should def give it a shot and just give it time as well for the benefits to settle in 🙂 & thank you it means a lot!

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