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The other day I had to wake up around 5am to teach a class at 6:15am. No matter how much I prepared myself mentally and to go to bed early. I still woke up tired as hell (waking up at the crack of dawn should be illegal .) It’s a good thing I love yoga , and teaching , so that I didn’t completely loose my mind. Still, I was feeling very tired even after my 4th cup of coffee. Then I remembered I am a yoga teacher and I could use that at my advantage to , you know, get my body moving and boost my energy. So I did , and felt amazing. These 5 little moves worked their magic ( also giving some creds to the caffeine.) In case you have to wakeup  up super early tomorrow or you just want to have more energy to start your day. Here are 5 yoga poses that can help you out!

Three legged – bent knee – down dog

Down dog is the home base. It’s pretty much one of the first pose you do in your practice because it’s where you start to scan and feel your body.Start by lifting your hips up, pressing your hands and finger tips down on the mat. Fingers spread wide, your hands are shoulder distance. Your head is relaxed , and you are creating space for your neck by inner rotating your shoulders. So that your biceps roll up towards the ceiling , and triceps down towards the mat. Deep breaths in and out , and send your breath to your hips. Feel the energy up, all the way from your hands, through your arms, a long side your ribs, hips, to the tip of your toes. The knee towards the ceiling helps to open your hip. I love this pose because it is such an active one but is also very grounding


Half camel pose


This pose looks harder than it really is. And there’s actually plenty of options to modify. You can place a blanket under knees to be more comfortable. Simply stand on your knees, tuck your toes under so that you hills are higher. You can place your hands on top of your ”back pockets” and simply start to look up while pressing on your hips down.Lifting from the chest, going up and back slightly. You can either keep the hands on your lower back , or bring one hand to your heal ( thumb on the inside) and bring your other hand towards the ceiling. This is a great pose to boost your energy since you’re creating a back bend, opening your chest , throat, shoulders. Back bends are a good way to rise your energy naturally since they increase your heart beat. One of my faves!

Straight leg forward fold with a twist


I’ve had a love/ hate relationship with this pose. At first it’s a little uncomfortable, but then you settle in the pose and start to let go of the resistance and it’s magical. Start by separating your feet wide, straight legs bring your hands on your hips. Bend your knees a little ( or a lot, depends what fits better in your body.) Then breathe in and straighten your spine, and bring your right hand towards the left ankle or as far to the left you can bring it, and reach your left arm towards the right. Creating a twist in your torso, so that you activate your digestive system. You are also opening the chest , stretching the shoulders, side ribs and hamstrings.


High lunge side twist

We can say I am a fan of the twisting. I just love how they feel. Options are to keep the back knee on the ground. You can also bring one hand down on the inside of the knee and bring the opposite hand towards the ceiling. Creating a support with the hand on the ground and the knee down.

Upward facing dog


You can also modify by simply staying on your belly, place your hands under your shoulders and stick your elbows to your ribs. Then lift your chest and roll your shoulders back for little cobra. I love upward facing dog because it really wakes up every muscle in your body. It is also a great front body stretch. I love to start in down dog and then come forward to plank and drop my hips and roll my shoulder backs for updog. These two movement combine can be a great body activation by engaging your whole body and creating movement in your body. Make sure you are pressing into your hands, rolling the shoulders back and looking slightly up. Elbows are micro bent and you are pressing on the top of your feet to lift the hips up. Are you awake yet?

Comment below which one is your favourite and what are your tips to have more energy in the morning ?


Love & light always, 

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  1. oooh these are some of my favorite poses! always just what i need in the morning. xo

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