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I’ve been vegan for a little bit more than 5 years. My biggest fear when I was still a new bee in the plant based world , was if I would have to order salads for the rest of my days whenever I go to a restaurant. Thankfully, the answer is no. There are so many delicious vegan restaurants to try in Montreal ,it’s ridiculous. There like multiplying by the minute, a real epidemic that were all so happy about! ( I know I am)

The question I hear most of the time is ” What do you eat when your vegan?” as if vegans didn’t eat the same thing as any other person, except we avoid animals & their by products. Which means that basically everything non vegans eat, we can eat it too. Like those super delicious nachos you see in the picture down there, they are vegan and ridiculously tasty. Montreal is literally THE BEST city to go for a bite, especially at vegan restaurants. So next time you want to say something like ” theres no where to eat when your vegan” please sit back , take a bite of a delicious vegan donut or something, and check out this fabilicous  (can we collectively agree on making this word acceptable again.) list!

  1. Aux vivres. At some point I basically lived there , the owner recognized me once and offered me a free smoothie , because he literally saw me everyday. You can’t ever go wrong with the california or dragon bowl. They have the best chili & fries and a menu of desserts to die for. Great ambiance , my all time favourite.
  2. Lola Rosa.While vegetarian (with vegan options!)  If you were wondering where those amazing nachos are from, you now have your answer. Great place for drinks and comfort food. For when you want to go all out and get both the nachos and burger. They also have Quebec’s traditional meal, the famous poutine. Lovely ambiance with the wooden furniture!
  3. La panthère verte.(Green panther)  Cute little place to grab a bite. They have the best falafels in town. Great place for when you’re in the mood for pita bread and burgers.I love that you can choose half a burger and complement it with the salad. Let’s face it , I never take half the burger but I’m just putting it out there in case you do. ( but why would you.) I was saying I love how you can have the full burger and add in the choice of salad. They also have the best freaking Tiramisu cake ever.
  4. La lumière du mile end. Cozy, edgy little restaurant in the heart of mile end. Where all the hippies get together and chant mantras. I’m just kidding, I love this place because it’s owned by a family and the lady who owns it is super sweet and charming. Their menu varies, they always have the speciality of the day. Great place for a date night, if you want some quietness and enjoy each other’s presence without distractions.
  5. LOV. A bit more upscale, if you’re in the mood to dress up and order a bottle of wine, this is your place! Kale- mac and cheese is all I’m going to say. Lovely place for a girls night out where you want an in between healthy and upscale comfort food.
  6. Crudessence. Raw vegan restaurant that makes you believe in magic and kitchen wizards that can serve you raw sandwich with dehydrated bread that doesn’t leave you feeling like you just ate air. All the food is so tasty you don’t even realize you’re in a raw vegan restaurant. They have a ”tasting” platter for desserts where you get one of each and it’s just the best thing ever. We ordered it once and the waiter didn’t even have time to go back to the kitchen before we devoured it.
  7. Invitation V.  Equally delightful as it is  delicious. Best coconut curry I’ve ever had. Also the perfect place to order a giant pizza and just eat it all with satisfaction.
  8. Sophie Sucrée. Where you can get all the vegan pastries deliciously home made. Donuts, cupcakes, scones you name it. A place to reconnect with your inner child and be happy.On a side note; bring me with you if you go.
  9. Antidote. Mainly a vegan grocery shop, they also have a cute cafe/bistro bar  where you can sip on your coffee while you eat some delicious banana bread before stocking up on healthy organic food for the week. Every time I go I feel like Dora the explorer because vegan food will never cease to amaze me!
  10. The cat cafe. I thought I was more of a dog lady, until I got a cat. I am 100% allergic to cats but I like to live dangerously. If you are like me, then you love cats and this place is for you! Furry little babies everywhere. Don’t worry their hair won’t go into your food unless they actually seat on it (which didn’t happen…yet!) Good news is you can go there for food and maybe leave with a new best friend because you can adopt! But back to the food… you won’t regret it!







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  1. I am now hungry but not near Montreal Great Article

  2. Some of these dishes look awesome.. Would love to visit Montreal now that i have a passport 😊

    1. haha you should! Best vegan food! Thanks for reading 🙂

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