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As much as I love practicing at the studio.Practicing on my own makes me feel like a big girl who’s able to get her shit together.

I feel like I should’t be saying this since I am a teacher. If everyone would practice at home I would be talking to an empty room all day. Even tho I love that people come to my classes.  I think the main goal of all yoga teachers is to be able to share the love for yoga to as much people as we can. And know that they’ve learned enough to be able to practice on their own at home. I feel so proud when one of my students tell me they’ve started practicing at home. Like ”Llook at you honey, being independent” I just love it!

Before being a teacher, I am forever a student. That is why recently I’ve been feeling the urge of practicing at home. Theres something about making a mindful choice to roll out your mat , in the middle of so much distraction, to just take a moment for yourself to breathe. I truly feel it’s been amazing to help improve my practice and teaching skills.

And so I wanted to share them with you, dudes and dudettes of the internet. To give you some inspiration on why practicing at home can enhance your practice! Leggo

It helps to 100% tune in

I got to admit , at first it’s a little intimidating. You’re afraid of doing something wrong ,or maybe not working hard enough. The truth is your practice cant never be wrong if you are true to your breath. Sometimes in the studio you match the rhythm of body next to you. Or the teacher goes a little too fast for your own pace. So when your at home, you can really just focus on your breath and your body will intuitively move the way it needs to. Which in return, helps you tune in to your body better so you know where to go next in the sequence.

It builds discipline

 You are what you do everyday, don’t you want to be a badass mermaid yogi feeling strong and confident because you don’t let excuses stop you? Practicing at home can be a way to not let excuses get in the way. You know like not making it on time at the studio. Or feeling lazy to get to the studio. When that happens , you could just tell yourself that all you have to do is roll out your mat and let your breath take you where you need to go.

Your free to be a creative yogi unicorn

When no one is around , you can really let yourself be the weirdo you are. With no teacher telling you what to do next, you have no choice but to get creative. Maybe get into a pose in a different way, take more time in child’s pose, or simply taking ten minutes shavasana instead of three. I noticed I started to get really creative when I practice at home and I feel like the sky is the limit on how I can sequence my practice.

It gets personal

Practicing  at home means you have no choice but to let it get personal. Your in total control of where it is all going. It’s you and your breath and your body. Anything can happen, I mean literally anything ( like finally letting your farts out! ha!) It also can be a good way to practice in case your thinking about becoming a yoga teacher? (wink wink.) In case you’ve been thinking about it you can also check my post about how to find the right TTC training 




Happy monday!

Light & love always,


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