For me ”barefoot” means no limits or restrictions. When I’m barefoot,I am fully connected to the earth and I have this sense of oneness with everything around. I spend most of my time barefoot on my mat practicing or teaching. I also think that being barefoot represents the freedom to be who I want to be without having to fit in a box. It represents what this blog is about, a way to express myself without limits or pre-constructed ideas. Also my mom has always called me ” pata sucias ” which in spanish means dirty feet so maybe it grew on me.


Well well well if you read my post you’ll know, but if I can just resume pretty quickly, this blog is about me sharing my perception of the world and how to always live my life to the fullest. I’m a vegan , a yogi , I like to travel as a yoga teacher and share my experiences, workout from home and challenge myself..oh & I like tequila, but that doesn’t mean I’ll only be talking about these subjects ( or that I am an alcoholic…) but you can expect a few articles oriented that way. In other words, I blog about the new things I learn from books to healthy recipes or straight up things I am obsessed with that I think you also will become addicted to ( hopefully not tequila). I like to kid around (if you haven’t noticed yet) , I’m pretty sarcastic and people say I’m funny…for the rest I think you’ll just have to stick around to find out!


I believe that whatever you put out into the universe is what’s going to come back into your life. I believe in trying new things and step out of my comfort zone and usually it means to slow things down and being okay with it. I believe in following my inner voice, in doing what makes my heart beat faster and eyes sparkle. I believe we can all achieve what we set our heart’s and mind’s too. I believe that abs are like mermaids , they exist but you can’t see them often. And I believe in laughing, a lot. I believe that we are made of stories and the books we read. And I believe that using ” I believe” often in a paragraph makes the whole thing sound way more dramatic than it is.


My deal is to create a corner on the internet for you and also for me to write and express myself in the hopes of making you laugh, inspire , want to experience new things, read more books, go vegan or empower you to treat yourself and live your best life!


Mucho love, thanks for being here! xxx